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How The Covid-19 Pandemic Affected Sporting Events And Sports Betting

Trusted and reliable online casino sites, such as judi poker online, allow people to conveniently and safely play poker games for entertainment and of course for money. With such trusted sites, players are sure to have a great time playing. Many find online casinos quite enjoyable and convenient as they could play different casino games using their computers or any mobile device, like their smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, with an online casino, people who love these games of chance could play them at any time of the day as well as anywhere they want.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, people in many nations across the globe are ordered to stay at home to avoid catching this fatal virus. Because of this, online casino sites are rising in popularity since people look for ways to entertain themselves while at home.

Effects on Sporting Events

However, although these online gambling sites are played through the internet, the pandemic has still greatly affected the industry of gambling, most especially the market of sports-betting. Gambling venues are shut until further notice and many counties have closed their borders as this would be the only way for the world to unify and combat the spread of the extremely transmittable and fatal virus. For the time being, just about every major sports league stopped and sporting events cancelled and postponed hitting bookmakers really hard, with share values in registered gambling companies plunging ahead of collapsing markets.

Every March, for instance, billions of dollars are betted on the women’s and men’s basketball playoffs of the NCAA. Because of the pandemic, March Madness didn’t push through. This means that the 8.5 billion US dollars in total bets from about 47 million people in American didn’t happen as per report by Sports Illustrated.

The impact of the pandemic on the world of sports carry on to evolve quickly. To date, no sports leagues in the US are active at this time. The National Hockey League (NHL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), Xtreme Football League (XFL), as well as the Major League Soccer (MLS) have indefinitely put off tournaments after Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz got a positive result for Covis-19. The Masters was also suspended by the Augusta National Golf Club and NASCAR followed suit by open-endedly suspending their events as well. Likewise, on April 1, the British Open and Wimbledon has declared complete cancellations.

Sports and Futures Bets – What Happens to Them?

After the suspension and cancellations of sporting events, the question now resounding in the industry is by how and what means sportsbooks will deal with futures bets as well as other wagers throughout shutdowns related to the pandemic.

LSR stated that numerous sportsbooks specified that futures bets will be put on hold until there is more defined and clear information on if or when sporting events will continue. Futures markets on postponed or cancelled leagues are also taken down by several sportsbooks as well. For accurate details, you have to study the rules and guidelines of the sportsbook you wager in. For instance, some sportsbooks are making refunds on bets connected to conference tournaments that were cancelled, as well on teams that were eliminated before the cancellation took effect.

Why People Engage In Sports Betting?

Online gambling sites have become quite popular as they give users great gambling opportunities. For instance, BandarQQ Online Terpercaya is one of the many groups of online casinos in Indonesia which is gaining popularity among Indonesians as well as other nationalities since it offers a range of benefits and opportunities when you play on it.

A game of BandarQQ is a form of poker but is more complicated and trickier compared to traditional casino poker. In order to win a game, focus and effective strategies are particularly important. However, although many find this game entertaining and rewarding, some prefer to bet on sports.

Sports betting is laying a wager or bet on the result of a sports game, and is more and more receiving popularity around the world, partly due to the availability of and access to the internet making sports betting convenient as sports bettors could easily place a wager using their mobile device or computer.

Sports Betting – Why People Involve Themselves

The progress of the gambling industry has given rise to a large quantity of sports betting sites, with the most popular sports to bet on are boxing, basketball, and hockey. Let’s have a look at the reasons why go into sports betting:


One of the main reasons many engage themselves in sports betting is attributable to entertainment value it provides. Seeing your beloved sports play live is extremely exciting, and gets even more thrilling and interesting if it involves. Laying a wager on a sports team would imply supporting them all-throughout the play. It could truly be exciting but make certain that you don’t allow your feelings or emotions to govern the way you bet.

Opportunity to Earn Money

One of the greatest things that people love about sports betting is the opportunity to earn a profit. Regardless of how much your wager is, the important thing is that your team triumphs for you to win some wager and collect some money. As you win some bets, you don’t need to stop from there since you could teach yourself to bet proficiently and be a professional bettor. Yes, it is a challenge to become a professional bettor and does take time, consistency and patience to become one, so never allow your emotions to get in the way. Those who are quite lucky could make a steady living out of sports betting.


There are numerous notable hobbies out there, however you couldn’t just play or do them anytime and anywhere. Perhaps they’re too costly, tiring or probably since you can’t play/do it on a daily basis. With sports betting, on the other hand, is within your means and could watch/play and enjoy them every day. You also could enjoy sports betting at anytime and anywhere as you could do it online.